Second Chance Love Life

~ Divorce~Chaos~Depression~Children~Faith~Family~Friends…Love? 

This is the truly unbelievable story…of us -Vincent and Valerie.  We were married over thirty-nine years…

Vincent was married to Judy for 24 years, and I was married to Jeff for 15 years.  We won’t bore you with the details of our failed marriages, but we both suffered greatly during our marriages, through our divorces and beyond.  Due to our past experiences, we never thought that we could ever be in love again…and getting remarried was beyond ridiculous!!  Vincent and I met October 23, 2010 with the help of my sister-in-law Beverly and her co-worker/friend Scott who had known Vincent for 20 or more years.  We met at a birthday party for Bill – Scott had told Vincent about me, and he knew that I would be at the party.  Beverly didn’t mention anything about Vincent until I arrive at the party.  I will never forget standing in the kitchen with my back to Vincent when Beverly leaned over and whispered…”don’t look, but see that guy behind you…he wants to meet you.  His name is Vince.”  OK…so I’m thinking…how the heck can I “see” that guy when Beverly told me “don’t look”?  I think I may have a few talents but trying to see him without looking isn’t one of them.  So I was standing there in a very awkward moment…and decided to turn around, walk over to Vincent and introduce myself.  I extended my hand, and said “Hello, I’m Val…I mean, I’m Valerie, but you can call me Val”.  I was surprised at how handsome he was – his eyes were so blue, but I could also see they were very sad.  He placed his hand in mine, and said “Hi, I’m Vincent, and I will call you Valerie if that is ok.  I have a friend named Valentino, and we call him Val…it would be strange for me to call you Val.”

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~ You Are Free To Be Happy ~

We are all free…

    Today is a new day, let yourself go and realize that YOU ARE FREE TO BE HAPPY!!!   Let go of all the sadness and negative thoughts from the past – they are like heavy binding shackles that burden the soul and kill the spirit.  Every morning gives us a second chance…a second chance to live, pray  and love, to achieve our goals …

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Rope Around Palm Tree

Bye Bye Palm Tree

Preston was graduating from 8th grade at St. Mark Catholic School, and we were preparing for a graduation party hosted by us and six other families…but it was a kick in the pants since the venue for the celebration was in our backyard!  The month of May was pure craziness with Confirmation, year-end tests and …

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